STANDARD GREASES operates within its selected customers and pre defined markets in their supplies of greases. The company also takes special efforts to use environmental friendly raw materials wherever it is possible. Keeping this in mind, STANDARD GREASES's products provide complete functionality within the required application by minimizing friction, wear and energy consumption.

In this situation, the environmental aspects that are significant include raw materials, products and transportation. In order to constantly reduce a negative environmental impact, STANDARD GREASES strictly pledges the following guidelines.

  • Develop and improve products with a conscious effort to supply only those products that are amendable with existing legislative non-labeling status.
  • Try to persuade their customers' choice of products to an advantageous outcome and work in close coordination with their suppliers.
  • Shrink transportation needs as much as possible by careful planning and co-ordination of deliveries.

In addition to the above stringent policy, STANDARD GREASES also perceives environmental responsibility as a moral duty. It continuously tries to incorporate a positive change by focusing on operations and setting annual environmental targets that help them improve performance.

  • STANDARD GREASES complies with social moral responsibility by contributing to the common targets by reducing energy consumption and waste.
  • STANDARD GREASES fulfills and follows all the necessary environmental laws and regulations laid by concerned authorities. Additionally keeping in mind the well-being and health factor of their future generations.
  • In order to safeguard a healthy and danger free environment the company transparently states its policies, targets, actions and results.