STANDARD GREASES’s: Quality Approvals

STANDARD GREASES has strived to reach excellence in performance during its journey. Performing the responsibility as a customized label manufacturer for many of the largest and most esteemed companies globally, STANDARD GREASES is indebted to meet the stringent quality standards set forward by these companies. Having successfully passed several detailed quality audits by its prestigious clientele encompassing both; manufacturing operations and laboratory services, STANDARD GREASES today indeed is the most sought after name in the industry. STANDARD GREASES is also certified by IRQS according the ISO 9001 2008 as well as ISO 14001 2004 standards.

STANDARD GREASES's: Quality policy

STANDARD GREASES operates within its selected customers and pre defined markets in their product supplies. The company also takes special efforts to use environmental friendly raw materials wherever it is possible. Keeping this in mind, STANDARD GREASES's products provide complete functionality within the required application by minimizing friction, wear and energy consumption.

With a dedicated aim of relentlessly fulfilling customer needs and improvising operation value, STANDARD GREASES meets expectations of a wide spectrum of its variables; such as customers, employees, owners, suppliers, society and other interested parties. Adhering to Quality as a definite obligation, they consider every employee's skills, capabilities, attributes, attitudes and development. Diverse means are undertaken to meet customer expectations, which are as under:

  • Regular and consistent supply of adequate and correct products and services - "The right product at the right time".
  • Effective and steady concurrent improvisations accompanied with well planned and coordinated ways of production
  • Making fulfilled customers and superior quality deliverables in our mainline operations as our topmost priority.

Perceiving their motive of achieving organizational goals and reaching stipulated targets, STANDARD GREASES believes in motivating employees that result in higher productivity and enhanced performance. In order to accomplish the same they need to:

  • Delegate core responsibilities and entrust them tasks for productive development and fine results.
  • Breed leadership attributes amongst employees that engender a habitat for personnel to feel positive and flourish accordingly.
  • Create an accepted system for salary, perks and rewards in operations.

STANDARD GREASES needs are fulfilled when the employees adhere to the following protocol:

  • Create an optimistic and constructive reflection of the company in society.
  • Meet the organization's expectations regarding financial results, future growth and longterm profitability.

Expectations from suppliers, society and other interested parties will be met by inculcating sound relations and living up to agreements and settlements in the following ways:

  • Be a well-recognized and reputed employer with high attraction in the area.
  • Maintaining good and positive relations with local authorities.
  • Have a well-implemented and operational functioning system for environmental management.
  • Religiously follow laws and regulations underlined by authorities.